Jud Munger Saturday, January 24, 1925 - Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jud Munger, 92, of Orcutt, passed away July 23, 2017. Graveside services will be held on Friday, July 28, 2017 at Los Alamos Cemetery, 4777 Drum Canyon Rd at 11:30 am

Our heart goes out to Marshall and family.  Jud was a very good friend - we will miss him but will see him soon.


Jerry Absher and Family, Comanche, Oklahoma

We have known the Munger family for over 50 years.  I have worshipped with them, hunted with them and have never seen anything but genuine, sincere Christians!

Jud was one of those very special people who was there whenever you needed a friend.  Looking forward to seeing him soon.

J. D. "Jay" Smith and family, Ft. Worth, Texas

You were my best man friend!!!  We were like two peas in a pod with the crazy and fun things we did! We also argued and so never always agreed!Yet we stuck it out and had great deep conversations on God and Heaven   You told me you'd send me a sign that it is a great place!    So don't forget to do that!!!!  I'll miss you a lot!  See you again though one day!   


I'm really going to miss you my friend. We worked together for several unforgettable years at The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County here in Santa Maria. You were so full of knowledge that really brought back some memories of the old Santa Maria. Everywhere we went in our travels here in town you always refreshed my memory of what was and there ,how it got there,and what happened to it. You used to tell me stories of your deer hunting trips here in California and Wyoming. I remember one time you you told that there used to be a lot of rabbits all over Santa Maria and Orcutt and you wondered what happened to all of them. I told him that he probably killed them all and ate them. He just seriously said,Yeah i think that's what happened to them. He was a little stubborn at times and we kind of got into it a couple of times,but that just made us understand each other and made us better friends. Crazy,but true. We all Loved You and Enjoyed your friendship here at the Foodbank 'Jud'. Until we meet again my Friend.